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Too Early to be Selling Pumpkins

September 29, 2013 // Posted in Eating Out, Home, Shopping (Tags: ) |  Comments Off on Too Early to be Selling Pumpkins

Had to get to the grocery store today and I was a little pissed off to see a big box of pumpkins sitting out on the damn sidewalk already. Halloween is still a fucking month away and already they are putting out pumpkins. I tell you what – it might be getting a little chilly at night now, but it’s too hot for carving pumpkins this early. If you cut open a pumpkin now and carve that sonofabitch, it’s going to rot before any trick or treaters ever see the damn thing.

If you really must buy a damn pumpkin in September, do me a favor and do not cut into the sonofabitch for at least two more weeks. And keep it someplace cool or it will rot whether you cut into or not. But in my opinion, the last week of September is too fucking early to be selling pumpkins at the grocery stores.


September 12, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Healthy, Home, Living, Outdoors, People, Thoughts, Travel (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Halloween

With Halloween coming up here soon I’ve been thinking about many of the Halloween festivities of my youth. My own memories of Halloween are really of all the great fun, year after year as I was growing up in the suburbs on the east coast. We lived in an established neighborhood and the parents didn’t worry about letting the kids head out to go door to door for the night. We had to eat dinner first – it was always at 6:00 pm sharp. Then we bolted out the door to catch up with our friends and we had to be home before 10. We never had any trouble with other kids or any fucking perverts. It was always a lot of fun back in the day. We weren’t really thrilled with getting an apple put in our trick or treat bags, but at least we were not afraid to eat the damn thing for fear of a razor blade or some other type of shit being hidden in it.

Things have sure changed. There is no fucking way I would allow my kids to go out on their own, that is if I had any kids, which I don’t.  If they went out, I’d be right there along side with them. I worry about perverts but worry more about gangs of teens and even shootings in some parts of town. I’d walk the streets with my kids and carry the flashlight, and I’d stay at the end of the driveway to let them go to the door on their own. But we all would most definitely go out together and stay together the entire time, and if we don’t know who lives in the house we would just walk on by.


Cold & Hot

September 3, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Internet, Outdoors, Shopping (Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Cold & Hot

It is only the beginning of September for God’s sake but it’s so fucking cold here this last week and it seems  that nothing gets me warm. The wind has been blowing hard since yesterday morning. At least there is no snow on the ground, but it sure is a gloomy and depressing Monday. Mondays are hard enough, why the good lord wants me to be even more miserable than usual, I just don’t understand.

I think tonight will be a good time to bake some Toll House cookies and sit my ass down in a hot bubble bath with a cup of hot chocolate and warm cookies. Maybe I’ll post the cookie recipe here when I find it. I hope it is still on the bag of chocolate chips, but if they ever change the bag design and leave off the recipe it would be devastating. But then again I’m sure that I could find it online if I took the time and effort to.  It really pissed me off when you go to find something that has always been available (this Toll House Cookie recipe is a fine example) and puff all of a sudden it’s just gone. Not everyone has a fucking computer that they can drop everything and turn to. I don’t know what the fuck I would do with my computer, both at work and at home.


So fucking full

April 21, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Friends, Living, People (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on So fucking full

OMG I am so fucking full. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack to eat and pigged out for hours on blue crabs. I absolutely love blue crabs. I don’t know why, but they are one of my favorite things to eat. I also love Alaskan Snow crab legs as well, but there is nothing like sitting with friends and picking blue crabs for hours. It’s about atmosphere as well as the food, and the company you eat with. You have to go to a place like that with people who love to eat blue crabs as much as you do. If someone doesn’t like to eat them, they get bored and it kid of ruins the whole experience when they keep asking if you are done yet so you can leave.

Fortunately for me, I have some great friends that love it as much as I do and we had a lot of fun. Pitchers of beer and mound of crab legs to pick and lots of really good conversation make for a wonderful night. Now that I am home, I am just trying not to move too much because I am so stuffed. I know that I am going to sleep really good tonight, that’s for sure.

Gator tail for lunch

April 9, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Living, Outdoors, People, Vehicles (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Gator tail for lunch

I am so going out to the Everglades today for an airboat ride and some gator tail. There is a place called Coopertown that has been there forever. It was the first airboat ride ever out there and is still owned and operated by the same family. I have been going there since I was a little kid. They make the absolute fucking best alligator tail there is and their frog legs are to die for as well. It seems like a little spot in the middle of no where, but it is so much fun to visit.

Sometimes I take the regular boat tour with all of the other tourists, but every now and then I take an all day tour on one of their private boats that is much smaller and faster. They take us out to different spots on the private tour that are much farther out. There is one place they call the Duck Club. It is a hunting camp with a house on it and it is very peaceful and pretty to visit. I make sure I take lots of pictures when I go. I really enjoy taking pictures of the wild life out there and I always see something new when I go.