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March 4, 2012 // Posted in Home, Mine, Money (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Upgraded

okay, so I upgraded my fucking laptop and now it is running much better. I had to get a new graphics card because the old on just wasn’t cutting it. I thought about a new lappy, but honestly I love my laptop. It’s like an old friend that I really don’t want to live without. I know that the new laptops are more advanced and have a lot of new features, but I just can’t seem to let go of this one. I might think about buying a new one next year, but for now I will stick and stay. That is unless it breaks or something.

I got this one when I went to college and there is a lot of history in it. My friends make fun of me because I wont replace it but they just don’t understand. I guess I am kind of a pack rat. I don’t like to get rid of things that have memories. My family isn’t surprised by this at all. I have always been sentimental about my stuff. No matter though, I am not worried about what everyone else thinks at all. I just laugh and say whatever. Anyway, have a good day.


January 25, 2012 // Posted in Home, Living, People (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on X-box

I love my x-box, but even more I love playing Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It is so fucking gory and crazy, you almost have to be on drugs to understand it. I am sure a hippy invented it. There are so many crazy things in this game, and Alice runs around with a giant butcher knife killing everything in her way. It is hard to play too. That’s not the only game I like though. I am totally hooked on any game that has swords, magic and driving in them. Mostly the swords and magic stuff. The only shooter games I like are those that are not military style. No Black Ops for me thank you very much. I like the kiddie games like crash bandicoot as well, because they are adventure games.

My nephew loves the lego adventures and I love playing them with him. I just bought him the Lego Indiana Jones 2 game, since he beat the first one and the Lego Batman game. We work on it together whenever I go see them. I think I will look online and see if I can find the lego Star Wars saga for him. I know he wants it because he was telling me all about it.

Soft Towels

October 24, 2011 // Posted in Home (Tags: , , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Soft Towels

We were shopping at Macy’s and noticed that they had bath towels on sale. I hadn’t planned on buying towels, but they were half price and it was too good a deal to pass up. We spent several minutes touching the different towels and decided which ones were the softest. We found some really nice towels from their spa line and bought four of them. I can’t wait to get them laundered and then try them out after a nice hot bath.

Barking Dogs

August 24, 2011 // Posted in Home, Living, People (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Barking Dogs

There is a dog down at the end of my street that has been barking for a solid hour. What is up with that? Did the idiots who live in that house just put the dog outside and leave the house so they are not hearing this? Or are they sitting inside with gritted teeth waiting for the damn dog to shut the hell up like the rest of the neighborhood?

No Phone Books

August 2, 2011 // Posted in Home, Living, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on No Phone Books

If anyone knows how to get word to the publisher of the Yellow Pages and local phone books that keep showing up on my porch or in my driveway, please let me know. I do not use these books and I don’t like the idea that so much paper, gasoline and manpower is wasted producing these monsters that go right into the trash and clogs up the landfills.

I use the internet to find phone numbers and addresses. The only problem that I have is trying to the cell phone numbers of people. I wish there was a way to get cell phone numbers, but when people still have to pay for each minute their phone is in use, I can understand them not wanting to waste minutes on nuisance calls.