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leap year

February 27, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Future, Thoughts, Wisdom (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on leap year

Fucking really? I don’t understand why they had to add one day every four years. Seriously what does that do for us in the end? Time doesn’t change. It still flows by at the same pace and it is just another day. Scientists are out of their minds, especially astrologists. They act like this really matters in the long run, but it doesn’t. There are only two constants in life. death and taxes. All the conjecture over where we come from and whats out there, or whatever is all bullshit. We are all going to grow old and we are all going to die. They should really spend their time and money on things that matter, like curing childhood cancer or something. If more people worked on it, then it wouldn’t exist.

Okay, I am done ranting about this stupid shit. I want to nibble on something right now. Do I want something sweet or something salty? I think I will go for something sweet with chocolate. That means a trip to Dairy Queen for a Peanut Buster Parfait with extra fudge and peanuts. I do believe that will take me out of this funk I am in, because I am bitching too much.

I’m so excited

February 21, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Living, Thoughts (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on I’m so excited

I met this amazing guy the other night we us girls went out. We danced all night long together and now he is taking me out on a date. He is taking me to Chuy’s Restaurant. It is an exclusive four star restaurant that is majorly expensive. I have never been there before myself, but heard about it from the style section of the newspaper. It is hands down the best restaurant in town and the hardest one to get a reservation at. I don’t know how he did it on such short notice either. It is just fucking amazing.

I am beginning to think there is more to this guy than I previously expected, but he was so down to earth. He told me he was an attorney, but I never asked what kind of attorney he is. I do believe that is a good question for our date. Only a corporate attorney would be able to pull off reservations to this kind of restaurant that fast. I am a little overwhelmed though. if he is what I think he is, he just might be way out of my fucking league. I guess I will find out soon enough, wont I?

Take Away

November 18, 2011 // Posted in Eating Out, Thoughts (Tags: ) |  Comments Off on Take Away

The words have changed one me and I don’t know when they decided that the word “carry out” was not a good term for getting food from a restaurant even though you don’t want to eat there.

I used to order from the regular menu and them them to pack it up “to go.” Then I would drive over there, park the car, go inside and pay for the food, and take it all home with me to eat in front of the TV instead of in a huge dining room filled with other people eating and sometimes their bratty kids screaming and whining. It’s just more pleasant to eat at home when you are alone.

I would call that process “carry out” or “to go” but now the proper words are “take away.” I do understand the meaning behind the new words, but what was so wrong with the other ones? Did we really need to change the words?

Happiness Guaranteed

October 27, 2011 // Posted in Living, People, Thoughts (Tags: ) |  Comments Off on Happiness Guaranteed

dont marry

Fucking Tired

September 23, 2011 // Posted in Living, People, Sexuality, Thoughts (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Fucking Tired

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. I like being alone. I like going to bed when I want and not having to deal with someone’s expectations of spending another 30 minutes grunting and sweating. You know what I’m saying? Sometimes i just want to go the fuck to sleep because I’m tired and I need the sleep. If I’m alone I can go to sleep or I can invite someone over if I want to fuck. Thats just the way it is.