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Ron White is Funny as Hell

October 22, 2013 // Posted in Internet, Living, Movies, Shopping, TV (Tags: , ) |  Comments Off on Ron White is Funny as Hell

Usually I can not name very many comedians because I just don’t really do the comedy club scene and don’t watch that many movies. So how am I supposed to know who is out there being funny or not?

Well, my girl gave me a couple of DVDs for my birthday of this guy named Ron White. He is an old drunk Texan who is funny as hell. I mean, this old boy makes you fucking laugh your ass off! He rags on his rich wife, his dogs and even people who are fans. But mostly I like the way he talks about his brushes with the Law.

There’s a classic Ron White comedy bit where he gets arrested and they are doing the booking process and they ask him if he has any aliases or other names that people call him. Well, Ron decides to be a smart ass and says, “They call me Tater Salad.” If you ever have a chance to hear that DVD or that clip on Youtube – do it. Funny as hell!

Shake It

November 7, 2011 // Posted in Sexuality, TV (Tags: , , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Shake It

Stayed up too late and the TV had nothing but infomercials on most of the channels. I saw a commercial for an exercise apparatus called the shake weight. I was, like, “WTF?” It is a shaker for women to supposedly tone their arms. Get real. Its for women to get practice jerking off a guy. I guess the guys got tired of the girls saying that it took too long for them to get off cause their arms get tired.

Hot Tea

June 30, 2011 // Posted in Living, TV (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Hot Tea

A nice way to wind down at night while watching the news and getting settled is to have a cup of hot tea. A few months ago I bought a tea kettle and I keep it on the stove with at least two cups of water in it, ready to heat. It gets hot pretty quick and then I drop a teabag of green tea into my mug. After just a couple of minutes, I am settling onto the couch, coddling a mug of warm tea and ready for the local news broadcast.