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Critters in the Bushes

July 28, 2011 // Posted in Home, Living (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Critters in the Bushes

Every night I take my dog out for one last walk before retiring for the night. And every night this week, as soon as we step out onto the front porch, and start down the steps, something moves in the bushes to my right. This sudden movement always startles my dog and makes her bolt down the stairs and into the bushes, giving chase. And every time she comes up empty. I have not idea what the critter is – as long as it is not a skunk, we’re cool.

Not Another Burger

July 17, 2011 // Posted in Eating Out (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Not Another Burger

I’ve been starving since 10:00 but can’t leave for lunch until the other people get back from their 11:00 am lunch shift. This gets harder and harder to put off eating while watching the clock. I brought a snack today – a granola bar. But when the last guy gets back here I’m going to get a sub. Burgers have gotten old for me – I feel like a sub is better for me and the variety is really nice.