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Party this weekend

January 31, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Mine, People (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Party this weekend

I am going to the Super Bowl party at Bailey’s Sports Bar and Grill. I am rooting for the Pats this year as I cannot fucking stand the Giants. All my friends are meeting me for the game and we have already reserved our table weeks ago. I know the staff at Bailey’s very well since my ex boy friend used to work there. Usually they don’t take reservations, but for regular patrons they will for special occasions like the Super Bowl. You gotta love that shit. This is going to be a great party, because some friends who moved away are coming in to town just for the game. So it will be a Super Bowl party/ reunion at the same time.

We are going to pitch in for the food and just get a crap load of appetizers to munch on while we watch the game. Everyone will of course take care of their own drinks, after all it is a bar. I cannot wait till this weekend. I have been looking forward to it since the season began. It is my favorite part of football season of course. I have to remember to call up Dottie and see what her and her husband are doing on Sunday.


January 25, 2012 // Posted in Home, Living, People (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on X-box

I love my x-box, but even more I love playing Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It is so fucking gory and crazy, you almost have to be on drugs to understand it. I am sure a hippy invented it. There are so many crazy things in this game, and Alice runs around with a giant butcher knife killing everything in her way. It is hard to play too. That’s not the only game I like though. I am totally hooked on any game that has swords, magic and driving in them. Mostly the swords and magic stuff. The only shooter games I like are those that are not military style. No Black Ops for me thank you very much. I like the kiddie games like crash bandicoot as well, because they are adventure games.

My nephew loves the lego adventures and I love playing them with him. I just bought him the Lego Indiana Jones 2 game, since he beat the first one and the Lego Batman game. We work on it together whenever I go see them. I think I will look online and see if I can find the lego Star Wars saga for him. I know he wants it because he was telling me all about it.

Fucking expensive

January 19, 2012 // Posted in Movies, People  |  Comments Off on Fucking expensive

Has anyone noticed how fucking expensive going to the movies has become? I can’t believe it. It is absolutely ridiculous what they charge. Between the ticket prices and the refreshments, it is about twenty dollars a person. What the fuck is that shit? That is why I tend to wait until the movies come out on video. For twenty dollars, I can buy the movie and watch as many times as I want.

Out to eat…

January 13, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Out to eat…

I am heading out to eat at my favorite restaurant. The Koi Chinese Buffet is the most fucking awesome place to eat. they have the largest buffet in town, with Chinese and Japanese food on it. They can cook your food  for you to order at the grill and make to order sushi as well. And the dessert table is to die for ! OMFG their shit is so good. If you have never eaten there, you must try it.

Can’t wait to see the Smurfs

January 7, 2012 // Posted in Living (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Can’t wait to see the Smurfs

I know …I know it’s a kiddie movie, but I fucking love the Smurfs. I grew up watching them on Saturday morning cartoons and this will be like a blast from the past. I think I am going to get some popcorn and chocolate to munch on and Pepsi. I can’t forget that shit, I would die without my Pepsi. =)