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I Hate Getting Screwed

August 27, 2012 // Posted in Gadgets, Money, Shopping (Tags: , , , , , ) |  Comments Off on I Hate Getting Screwed

Am getting tired of the new piece of shit cell phone that I just paid $100 for when I switched cell phone providers last night. I finally got to say Fuck Off to Verizon and switched over to Sprint, planning on saving a good amount of money each month by doing so. But this new phone is really getting on my last nerve.

The first clue that I had gotten screwed was when they switched over my Contact List and it ended up putting each and every one of my 347 Contacts in there twice. It took my weeks to get all the duplicates deleted the fuck out of there and I do believe that I ended up deleting a couple of them that I might regret in the near future. Oh well nothing I can do about that right now. The main problem is that it drops calls left and right, and while I am having a conversation if any part of my face touches any part of the screen – all hell breaks loose. I wish that I never had gotten rid of my flip phone, I never had any issues with butt or face calls. I have a feeling that this phone will be flying out a house or car window before it’s all over with.


No Phone Books

August 2, 2011 // Posted in Home, Living, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on No Phone Books

If anyone knows how to get word to the publisher of the Yellow Pages and local phone books that keep showing up on my porch or in my driveway, please let me know. I do not use these books and I don’t like the idea that so much paper, gasoline and manpower is wasted producing these monsters that go right into the trash and clogs up the landfills.

I use the internet to find phone numbers and addresses. The only problem that I have is trying to the cell phone numbers of people. I wish there was a way to get cell phone numbers, but when people still have to pay for each minute their phone is in use, I can understand them not wanting to waste minutes on nuisance calls.

Come The End of The Month

September 26, 2010 // Posted in Future (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Come The End of The Month

I have been waiting for almost two years for my contract to be up with Verizon, my current cell phone provider. I haven’t been happy with them since signing on the dotted line in 2008 and have been counting down the months since then. I wish they didn’t have such power over us all and that more companies didn’t require a contract or at least made it easier to get out of one if necessary.

Maybe one day in future the cell phone industry will be more reasonably priced and more customer friendly, until that time we need to do our researching on items and services like the cell phone and make better educated choices.