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Going out on the town

February 15, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Living, Music, People (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Going out on the town

I am so going out on the fucking town. I need to party my ass off and get some stress relief. I love to dance and there is a dance floor a Cafe Iguana’s calling my name. I am going out to dinner first before we start drinking. I think Carrabba’s sounds like a good place to eat before hand. Then it’s off to the dance floor and lots of rum and cokes to cool me down between dancing. I know the DJ who works there and he always plays my favorite songs all night long. We used to date for a little while, but decided we were better as friends. I am glad about that because he is a great guy.

I still have to make phone calls to the girls and see who is going with me. I know for a fact that Sherrie is going to go, she always goes. We only do it about once a month, and she has kids so her hubby gives her the night off and lets her go blow off some steam. I think that is awesome. If I ever get married, that is the kind of man I want, an appreciative one who trusts and respects me.

Party this weekend

January 31, 2012 // Posted in Eating Out, Mine, People (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Party this weekend

I am going to the Super Bowl party at Bailey’s Sports Bar and Grill. I am rooting for the Pats this year as I cannot fucking stand the Giants. All my friends are meeting me for the game and we have already reserved our table weeks ago. I know the staff at Bailey’s very well since my ex boy friend used to work there. Usually they don’t take reservations, but for regular patrons they will for special occasions like the Super Bowl. You gotta love that shit. This is going to be a great party, because some friends who moved away are coming in to town just for the game. So it will be a Super Bowl party/ reunion at the same time.

We are going to pitch in for the food and just get a crap load of appetizers to munch on while we watch the game. Everyone will of course take care of their own drinks, after all it is a bar. I cannot wait till this weekend. I have been looking forward to it since the season began. It is my favorite part of football season of course. I have to remember to call up Dottie and see what her and her husband are doing on Sunday.