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Need a bigger TV for my games

November 4, 2013 // Posted in Friends, Gadgets, Home, Shopping (Tags: , ) |  Comments Off on Need a bigger TV for my games

The new Battlefield game came out for the Playstation and I am hooked on this game. I’ve been happy with my big TV up until now. But the old TV just does not cut it for this new game. I’m going to have to upgrade and get the biggest flat screen high Def TV that my wallet can stand. I was already planning on getting the new Playstation 4 this month when it comes out, but now now I’m thinking I should spend that money on the new TV and just wait another 2 paychecks to get the Playstation.

I was impressed with the new Battlefield and tried my hand at it for a few rounds, trying to figure it out. Very impressed with the graphics. But then I headed over to my buddy TJ’s house and played it with him on his huge flatscreen and I was able to see things that I didn’t even know were part of the game until I saw it on TJ’s TV. That totally convinced me that my old TV needs to be retired and I want a new one.

This weekend I’ll hit all the electronics stores and look at picture quality and brands. Then I’ll check the prices against the local stores. But before I buy it, I’ll check Amazon, too. Last time I bought anything electronic the Amazon price was the best anywhere – even after paying for shipping. So that might be the way to go.


January 25, 2012 // Posted in Home, Living, People (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on X-box

I love my x-box, but even more I love playing Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It is so fucking gory and crazy, you almost have to be on drugs to understand it. I am sure a hippy invented it. There are so many crazy things in this game, and Alice runs around with a giant butcher knife killing everything in her way. It is hard to play too. That’s not the only game I like though. I am totally hooked on any game that has swords, magic and driving in them. Mostly the swords and magic stuff. The only shooter games I like are those that are not military style. No Black Ops for me thank you very much. I like the kiddie games like crash bandicoot as well, because they are adventure games.

My nephew loves the lego adventures and I love playing them with him. I just bought him the Lego Indiana Jones 2 game, since he beat the first one and the Lego Batman game. We work on it together whenever I go see them. I think I will look online and see if I can find the lego Star Wars saga for him. I know he wants it because he was telling me all about it.