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Get out more often yes you

August 20, 2008 // Posted in Living (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Get out more often yes you

If your reading this then you need to get out more often, yes you reading this post right now I wrote this post in advance knowing that you would come along one day and so i wanted to tell you what you need to do since I saw that coming as well and that is to get out more and enjoy life more and stop wasting so much time reading others peoples blog.

Sure I would love to have you as a comeback reader but for now I want you to turn off your computer and go outside and have a good time because you need to start having more of a good time off line. Thats all for now see in you later on!

You have to see these 2 blogs to

August 20, 2008 // Posted in Blogs (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on You have to see these 2 blogs to

Found two great wordpress blogs the other day that I wanted to talk about because they gave me a great idea why not blog about products and make money rather than just blogging about whatever is on my mind because that does not pay crap well at least at the moment. Anyways the first is a sex toys wordpress blog the other a sex videos blog and both are pretty well done and have a lot of great information and pictures with every post.

I did not realize how much adding a picture really makes the post that much better for the reader to under stand what it is your talking about and do not be surprised if you do not start seeing pictures on here soon because I like what I saw over at these 2 blogs.